Information in English – about kappou watanabe –

Enjoy an extraordinary experience with Japanese cuisine.
We will entertain you with our new “Watanabe” cuisine with originality and ingenuity.

Niigata, as its name suggests, was a place where many water bodies called [KATA(lagoon)] existed.
The origin of Kappou-Watanabe can be traced back to a fishing business in one of these lagoons.

In 1933, the restaurant opened as “Urokoya,” specializing in river fish,
Later, as the times changed, it took on its current form,
The name “Kappou-Watanabe” was born out of the change of the times.

≪We offer the nature and food of Niigata through Japanese cuisine.≫
≪To create an extraordinary experience that cannot be experienced at home.≫
≪To convey the encounter and harmony of ingredients.≫

We hope you enjoy these three elements together with Niigata ingredients.


To carefully prepare and deliver Japan’s rich seasonal ingredients to our customers.

That is the heart of Watanabe.

We look forward to serving you.


We make the best use of the ingredients and prepare the most skillful dishes,
We serve delicious sake to match the Japanese cuisine.

We hope you will enjoy our dishes using Niigata ingredients as well as our more extensive selection of drinks such as sake and wine.

(February 2024~)
Both Lunch and dinner,
◆KAISEKI course:
 16,500 yen (course with more ingredients and dishes)
 11,000 yen (standard course)

◆KAMO KAISEKI course(winter only, from December 1 to February 15 of the following year)
 16,500 yen

 Niigata is one of the places in Japan where the best quality ducks fly in.
At Kappou Watanabe, you can enjoy a full-course “Kamo Kaiseki” using Niigata duck only during the winter season.

※Beverages are not included. 
※All prices include tax.


We also offer a sake pairing course to match the dishes.

※We do not offer children’s menu.
※The photo is an example of a kaiseki course. The menu is subject to change depending on the season and other factors.

Seat Information

We will prepare the most suitable seating according to the number of customers (from 1 person at the counter to 2-6 people at a table).

Online Reservations

Reservations can be made by clicking on the button below. Please enter your reservation information at the link below.

Information:[Kappou Watanabe]

[Kappou Watanabe]
2443 Makikou, Nishikanku, Niigata 953-0041, Japan

Tel 0256-72-2859(japanese language only)

Open: 9:00~23:00
Lunch (Saturday and Sunday only): 12:00-13:00
Dinner: open from 18:00 to 20:00
Closed on Wednesdays (Tuesday and Wednesday are closed on the first and third week of the month)